No Exceptions Made - Autumn / Winter Collection.

I recently had the pleasure of working for Cardiff based clothing company 'No Exceptions Made'. We choose to shot on Llangethin beach on the gower Peninsular, West Wales. 

The sea's were rough, and the weather changed hour to hour from brilliant sunshine to heavy rain. These conditions were perfect, giving us a huge range of natural lighting in one day! The location was stunning with big skies, huge swell, dunes, sand, rainbows, and an endless backdrop of beautiful welsh coastline. 

The clothing company itself is run by a very good friend of mine named Nem McCarthy. She is a lovely human being, and has worked extremely hard over the past few years designing and hand printing everything which goes on sale! Here is a link to the website where you can pick up this stuff for yourself:

I'm so happy with the results I achieved from this shoot in particular. It was great working with everyone involved, thanks so much Nem, to the models, and assistance.

Hope you enjoy the images !

Daniel Alford