Millican Smith Roll Pack 25L Review

I had been looking for the perfect rucksack for quite some time. Admittedly I am quite picky. I was very pleased to work with Millican and was delighted to be sent a Smith 25l roll top for me to get to grips. Smith comes with me mostly everywhere these days. From the city to the mountains. On weekends I like to escape the noise and crowds and head to the coast, countryside or mountains. This is where like more and more people these days I find clarity. Smith makes a great companion. For my first outing I took Smith to the Wiltshire country side for a few days walking near the Ridgeway. My mum lives near to here, and the surrounding countryside is beautiful and full of wildlife, ancient paths, and woodland. Ten minutes from leaving the house I had spotted my first deer, and red kite circling above me. 

As a day pack it’s great: 25L is more than enough to house everything I need, plus the roll top gives you the added space if you need it. Its very comfortable with a heavy load, the straps and back supports are great. Smith’s primary use is to hold my camera equipment, filters, wet weather gear, food and other essentials for a full day on the trail. It stands up well to the elements, having seen its fair share of showers, snow, and biting winds this Winter. The tripod / walking pole loop and clasp on the pack is an essential feature for me. It has plenty of side pocket space for water bottles, a zoom lens or to stuff a waterproof jacket. 

Smith joins me most days on my commute in the city, sometimes on my bike. Its practical uses are vast, a laptop sleeve is essential, with folder compartments, and zip pockets. Space for my pens, books and journals without using the bag’s main space. The front compartment is very handy too. I love the reflective strip on the front too, it’s this kind of attention to detail which really makes this bag. 

Smith is a great all rounder for me. It looks great, a real classic bag with a surprising amount of modern features. The design and build quality and is solid and the attention to detail is amazing. The bag is made out of sustainable and recycled materials as well, which is great for the environmentally conscious traveler like me. This is a very important consideration for me. 

Spending some time with Smith you get that satisfying feeling that there has been a lot of time and love poured into the design and construction of this pack.

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