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I have a recently written an essay for Rucksack Magazine Issue 4 looking at the relationship between traveling and mindfulness.

‘‘ Rucksack Magazine Vol 4: The Pursuit Issue. The stories in this issue are about pursuit; a never-ending search influenced and shaped by our experience of life. In this Issue, Rucksack explores what it means to be constantly chasing and searching. Through both written and visual stories, they uncover the pursuit of light, happiness, places, relationships and dreams. They visit the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, California, all providing the perfect backdrop through which to pause, reflect and further explore our pursuits. Photographers Emilie Ristevski and Christian Watson of 1924us discuss what pursuit means to them, and how this has influenced their work. The stories search for meaning in our pursuits, and as we journey through life, we realise that perhaps this is our greatest pursuit of all. ‘‘

Click the link below to pick up a copy of this beautiful journal.