Collaboration x Millican ' Good For Life'

For a day of adventuring, Smith is perfect, and I’ve grown very fond it living on my back - not that I would notice it being there most of the time. As well as being very comfy to wear, it's tough too. 

My Smith has taken everything that's been thrown at it; from the worst of heavy and ice cold highland rain to the ash and dust of an ancient volcano in Greece - which I’m sure is still marked into the canvas. I really love objects that look better as they age, and with Smith it’s certainly the case.

My fondest memory has to be when I took my Smith the Roll Pack on an epic road trip around the wild Scottish coastline. After a long day of photography and driving, at night, we made our way to the beach at John O’Groats where you could see out to the lighthouses on Orkney. In anticipation, I looked out and up to the sky for what would be one of the most beautiful things I'll ever see - darkness exploding in colour. Green jets rose endlessly into space and glowing pinks and purples dance at the fringes across the sky.

Smith is my always primary daypack choice and it's been great to see more and more of them around the city over the last couple of years - much cleaner and fresher than my Smith, they are waiting for memories to be etched in their canvas.

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